Module 4

Final Examination


  • Detailed study of the Conception Vessel (24) Points) and conditions they treat.
  • Detailed study of the Governing Vessel (28) Points) and conditions they treat.
  • Zhenjiuology, #7 Scalp Needling.
  • Zhenjiuology, #12 Internal Disease .
  • 200 Hour Examination.
  • Mind-body healing – Qi gong.
  • Tongue Diagnosis.
  • Extra ordinary vessels.
  • Chinese Diagnostics and Case Histories.
  • Utilizing acupuncture in your daily practice.

Video Presentations

  • Video presentation from China Acupuncture for the reproductive system.
  • Qi gong video, various forms of Tai Chi & Qi gong with several of Dr. Yennie’s teachers in China.


  • Precise Point Location, Five Element Correspondencies (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water), palpation of ashi points, meridian tracing.
  • Discussions, review needling techniques, diagnosis, and treatments with questions & answer session.
  • Overview of 200 Hour Examination, Questions & answer session.
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