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“Dr. Yennie, thank you for your help with my patient that had paralyzed vocal cords after surgery. It was an exciting case for me. I placed the patient on a schedule of care as you advised and treated specific points for his condition. After 6 treatments the patient reported that his voice activation system on his cell phone recognized his voice for the first time in several months. By his 10th visit, his voice was at 100%. He has since dropped the malpractice suit against the anesthesiologist.

“Thank you again for sharing your knowledge with me. It truly is an honor to help an individual regain their health.”

- Tom Marcuzzo, DC, FASA, Pinnacle, Nebraska

“I am and will be ‘forever’ grateful to Dr. Yennie for the changes his acupuncture teachings have brought to my life, my family, my patients, and their families.”

“Never have so many, owed so much, to so few.” Winston Churchill

- Robert McBride, DC, FASA, Virginia

“I thoroughly enjoyed my training in acupuncture as taught by Dr. Yennie and the ASA staff. After being certified, my patient response and requests for acupuncture treatment have been overwhelming.

“I would recommend Dr. Yennie’s course to any doctor seeking to expand his current level of practice.”

- Michael W. Jarman, DC, FASA, Arkansas

“Dr. Yennie’s acupuncture series is absolutely, without a doubt, the best post-graduate class I have ever had. It has not made me a better doctor, and it has made me a better person. I highly recommend it to any doctor who wants to improve results, patient referrals, and new patients.”

- Judy Butler, DC, FASA, Arkansas

“The inclusion of acupuncture into my chiropractic practice has been a blessing. Dr. Yennie’s classes have enabled me to confidently treat over 2,000 different health conditions. I routinely treat persons in wheelchairs, walkers, etc., who now walk without assistance. My practice, financially and visit wise, has tripled resulting in not only a tremendous financial impact but changing the lives of my patients forever. Thank you Dr. Yennie.”

- Jeffrey Cook, DC, FASA, North Carolina

“I was devastated by injuries sustained in a car accident. Tried everything. Was in so much pain, I had to quit working. I flew to Kansas City and was treated by Dr. Yennie and immediately got well.

“Doctor, there is a hole in your practice if you don’t learn acupuncture as taught by Dr. Yennie.”

- Monte Greenawalt, DC, Founder of Foot Levelers

“Dr. Yennie’s system of acupuncture is the best acupuncture program in America. I advise my clients to take Dr. Yennie’s course for two reasons: 1) Unbelievable results in the treatment of serious and everyday health problems, and 2) Practices routinely double and triple.”

- S. Lee Hays, DC, FASA, Founder and Director of Pinnacle and Xtreme